Off on an adventure again…

Some of you may have noticed that my last post was of a rather lovely tree – in Torquay of all places. Now you might be thinking Torquay is quite some way from New Zealand, and you would be right. I am on one of  my little adventures again!

Having  headed to the Northern hemisphere for some Christmas excitement last year, and loving it so much, when some cheap airfares were up for offer I took advantage of them and booked another trip. The problem of expensive London accomodation was solved by our UK-based young man now living in London (having just started a job in here after graduating in June) , so he and his lovely fiancee kindly offered me a bed in their flat.

So here I am, back in London (and Vienna but more about that later), very aware that I haven’t blogged for quite some time as I have been so busy just enjoying the UK vibe.

Here’s to the the start of another Northern hemisphere trip retrospective…

I was walking to the local supermarket yesterday in Notting Hill and marvelling at how much my life (and I) have changed over the past few years. My comfort zone is certainly a lot bigger than it used to be. From someone who was scared to fly, I am now confident enough to do the double long haul flight to London by myself. This time I went through Hong Kong with a different carrier to Air NZ. I have always flown through LA so viewed landing at a completely unfamiliar airport with a bit of trepidation, but then loved the experience of somewhere new. Very different to LAX and it made me want to stop off and stay a couple of days next time as I glimpsed the skyscrapers and mountains through the airport windows (even managed to catch a glimpse of an AIR NZ plane.)




Was wonderful to finally get off the second plane at Heathrow to find Christian and Sophie both waiting for me (just like in all the movies). Then time to make myself at home in their flat (which is up five flights of stairs so I think an increased level of fitness will be a bonus outcome of this visit! )

First couple of days were taken up with catching up on sleep, and wandering around Covent Garden and beautiful Hyde Park – oh how I have missed this!! The pull of my heritage is incredibly strong. Even though my parents didn’t talk about the UK much and never went back for a visit, it just feels like home 🙂 I so wish they were still around so I could now ask them more  about where they lived and what they loved to do before they emigrated to New Zealand (I know they didn’t like London!)

Hyde Park is still full of autumn glory despite it being early November. Lots of people out walking their dogs, parents with toddlers chasing after squirrels through the piles of fallen leaves. Everyone is wrapped up in coats, scarves and hats. I have bought a coat with me but I can see a purchase of a London coat in the not too distant future…

Christian is in the process of growing a moustache for Movember – probably still has a way to go before it is presentable haha.

A few days of acclimatising and then I’m off to further challenge my comfort zone with another photography workshop with people I have never met (I think my introvert self sometimes dislikes my creative self a lot!)


Traveller’s tip – after a long haul flight if it’s still daylight, get out in the fresh air and walk outside for at least an hour. This will help your sleep systems adjust your melatonin levels (even if it is cloudy)  to the new timezone quicker, helping reduce jet-lag. 

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