Christmas Vs. NYC 

A timely reminder  today from BeautyBeyondBones as I rush round ticking everything off on my Christmas planning list while feeling decidedly unChristmassy.


Doesn’t matter who I’ve talked to recently — Christian baby boomers, non-religious 20-somethings, an 8-year-old girl, my friends, the cute guy sitting behind me at church, the cashier at the grocery store — everyone’s in agreement about one thing:

It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I don’t know if it’s the lack of snow, or all the negativity in the media, or the fact that LED twinkle lights are officially taking over as the norm, but one thing’s for sure…it’s December 12, and people are not in the Christmas spirit.

Living in NYC is so special…especially around the holidays. There really is nothing comparable. The lights, the shopping, the smell of roasting chestnuts, the Christmas displays, the holiday markets, the ice skating…it’s something you’ve got to experience in person to truly appreciate.

But I dunno…this year, it just hasn’t been quite the same.

I’m not seeing quite as many decorations up…

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Vs. NYC 

  1. I wonder why? Christmas is so special to me. Even though our family has had changes and we are an empty nest, I still love the magic of it all. I do hope things change for you and you find some magic and excitement in Christmas!💗🎄

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    1. Christmas will still be special! It’s just been a hectic month which makes it easy to lose sight of why we celebrate this season. We are starting some new traditions this year so our children don’t have to juggle spending time with both us and the in-laws on Christmas Day which is getting more and more complicated each year, especially now there are grandchildren as well.
      So we are celebrating Christmas down at our beach house with everyone on December 27. Which means quite a lot of planning and thinking of new ways to do things (and how to sleep everyone there!).
      I still love all the magic of Christmas – and I get to decorate two houses this year!

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