Trip retrospective #7 – no comfort zone here

Add now for what was one of the highlights of my trip even though it was the most challenging.

I had booked a four day live-in photographic workshop in the heart of the Lake District. The website assured me that it was suitable for all levels of experience, including lack of it. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to intensively up-skilling my fledging photographic knowledge.

Talk about being out of your comfort zone. When I arrived at the lovely house where we would all be staying, it soon became clear that the other guest were a) very very good photographers (one was a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society) and b) all knew each other and had been to these courses many times before. I had managed to book the last course of the year which was kind of a reunion for regulars. Hmm.

I quite like my comfort zone. I have renovated it and re-designed it over the years, added a few rooms and an outdoor area. It is reasonably large and very comfortable – and for this course I felt like someone had changed the locks on me.

I survived the opening night dinner and  camera clinic, more by luck and the kindness of our wonderful host and tutor than anything – where I learnt many new terms and a whole lot more about the menu of by modest (compared to everyone else’s) camera.

Turned out the course would also involve a lot of very vigorous walking through the Lake District. I had my new hiking boots (which had been broken in successfully by me wearing them everywhere for the last few days), but somewhere I had missed the info that full waterproofs were also necessarily, requiring a detour on our first day out to buy me a pair – again thanks to the ever patient John for detouring to the shops.

First day was spent in the forest by a lake. It was very wet and extremely cold but fantastic conditions for taking atmospheric photos. First time using a tripod, had no idea what I was doing but I had a wonderful day, marred only by losing the group at the end of the session and frantically trying to find them in the fading light. Eventually I decided to try and find the Landrover instead and we were all re-united. Was in panic attack territory for a few minutes.

After dinner we had to present 8 unedited shots for critique. John kindly went through mine first to put me out of my misery – I was relieved to find out I had actually done OK and in fact apparently had caught one of the best views of the day. Looking at everyone’s photos and how they could be improved was a fascinating couple of hours. There were some stunning shots taken by the group. Humbled by such talent in this little room.

Below are the some of images I selected – this time with the luxury of a very small amount of post production. Which one do you think  was one my tutor really liked?

Lake District 1-8

Lake District 1-3

Lake District 1-1

Lake District 1-2

Lake District 1-4

Lake District 1-5


Lake District 1-7

Lake District 1-9



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