Garden diary w/e 5 August 2018

We’re still in the grip of winter but there are hints of spring when the sun comes out. There’s that lovely feeling in the air that the season is beginning to change. Lots of spring flowers on sale and the garden centres are full of colour. The soil is definitely warmer and that’s great for my fledgling garden. The lawn is still very wet and boggy which is not so good, but it has had its first gentle mow.

Bit of a steady as she goes week. We emptied our first compost onto the  garden beds this week. Im getting used to a longer trek from the kitchen to the compost area! I bought a cute kitchen compost bin this week – it might not be big enough, but the small size  will encourage me (i.e force me)  to empty it on a regular basis.


kitchen bin
Pretty cute little bin

Weekly round up

The shallots are starting to sprout. I have been told they are quite hard to grow so we will see they go but I’m pleased to see that they have at least started to grow.

My peas and snow peas have poked their little heads out. I have been going out every day, peering at the soil; wondering if they had successfully germinated, or were just rotting in the ground. And then all of a sudden, there they are were.  Such an amazing process. (Mind you not such an amazing process when the little head poking out is a weed…)



The wonders of seed germinantion

Planted:  coriander, leeks

Waste: Not such a good week this week as we have been clearing out stuff as we find permanent homes for things. That brings us to two full bins in four weeks which I would like to reduce more. Compost and bokashi doing well.

Next week:  Early potatoes to plant – Jersey Benne, the king of the Christmas season potato.

Still haven’t planted the passionfruit but the wires for them to climb up will be installed next week. We will also put wires up to espalier a Granny Smith and a Royal Gala.

I have chosen  the roses for the front plantings. Now to try and track them down…

Land of the long white cloud
Love Me Do

2 thoughts on “Garden diary w/e 5 August 2018

  1. Leanne, I just read your little biographical note and discovered that you live in the southern hemisphere, hence you are talking about spring planting whereas we deal with the summer heat and forest fires. I am glad to have made your acquaintance and look forward to read more about This Much I know. Best wishes for your gardening season! Peter

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    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂
      Yes – I probably should mention that occasionally.
      I can’t imagine what it is like with the summer heat and terrible fires in the northern hemisphere at the moment

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