Garden diary w/e 19 August

No excuse for missing last week except for the call of the beach and the chance to grab some shots of the night sky – so glad I did –  see my Wordless Wednesday post here. A shooting star no less!

Weekly round-up

Some good progress in the garden this week – yay 🙂

Peas and snow peas growing fast – should be starting to climb soon


Some of the lettuces beginning to look promising…


Our passionfruit are finally planted but will have to wait until the next sunny day for the climbing wires to be installed (wet and dreary in Auckland at the moment).

Finally in the ground. Looking forward to picking passionfruit this summer

Very excited to have our roses also planted. Hoping they will look magnificent once they get established (using my imagination at the moment)

We are working on ways to screen our main deck, which has lovely views over to the water but is a little exposed to people walking by. Somewhat experimentally I bought five standard camellias in the hope that they will form a living hedge on the deck. If not, there are plenty of other places I can put them!

Hopefully these will end up as a pretty cool living screen

Planted: roses, camellias, passion fruit

Waste:  had a great week waste-wise. Only one small bin of rubbish from the kitchen. Lots of compost scraps added. It’s surprising how quickly you get into the habit of not just throwing things away without thinking.

Next week:Have some potted colour to plant and some dahlia bulbs to find a home for. Hopefully our climbing wires will be in for the passionfruit and maybe the apples

Feeling like we are making progress somewhat, although slightly daunted by the scale of the project coupled with my lack of gardening knowledge though!

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