Garden diary w/e 2 September

Oh my goodness – it’s officially spring down in our part of the world. And we are having typical spring weather – torrential rain followed by sunny spells and  strong winds that are making my fledgling plants a wee bit stressed.

I am very pleased to see that the shallots are looking promising – people have told me they can be hard to grow but all four have popped up nicely

So far so good…

Slow but steady progress – our espaliers are up ready for the apple trees and grape. The passionfruit also have had their own wires installed so hopefully they will grow enthusiastically!

The ground is horribly wet and one of our olive trees is looking very sad – I’ m not sure Auckland’s clay soil is the right medium for such a tree.

Our lawn however is looking magnificent . So glad we were able to make the decision  to lay ready lawn. We would have been awash with mud for the last couple of months if we had been waiting for grass seed to grow.

Looking forward to backyard cricket this summer!

The roses are all looking great and have lots of leaves starting to bud – yay.

Weekly round up

Tackled one of the little garden strips and planted some pretty annuals this week.  Also re-filled some of the planter pots. Hopefully they will take off and add some much needed colour.

Bosco enjoying a brief moment of sun while admiring the flowers

Citrus trees are starting to show new growth – especially the orange tree.dXIFaWD3TGisfCCIPdg

It is a very tricky time of year as the weather is very unpredictable and quite violent!

Coriander, sage and thyme, dwarf beans and a jalapeno chili
Polyanthus, pansies, allysum

Next week
Potatoes hopefully – ready for Christmas!
Im also hoping we might be able to get the apple trees in – will be weather dependent I suspect.

I have some dahlia bulbs that I couldn’t resist. Now just to work out where to plant them…

Filled up a Bokashi, compost looking good.
We are definitely producing way less actual rubbish which I am vey pleased about but I’m sure we can do even better!


2 thoughts on “Garden diary w/e 2 September

  1. Congratulations on a good start in your garden, Leanne. Yet, it makes me a little sad because it means we here in Canada are heading towards winter which tends to be long with lots of snow. Best wishes! Peter


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