I’m Leanne – post-50, living in Auckland NZ with one husband, one adult son still at home (four adult children have left this nest) and  one diabetic dog. We describe ourselves as empty nesters despite having one 25 year old living with us as he is also an adult.

I’m a wife, mother, nanna, musician, crafter, avid cook, reader, amateur photographer and I am exceptionally good at  procrastinating.

We have raised five people to adulthood in the last thirty-odd years (and  they are keeping us busy with grandchildren), our clan is close and intense, despite having one currently working in the UK. The next generation is arriving  – community, continuity and diversification all in our still growing and now extended family.

The older I get the more I realise just how complex we all are and like most people my interests range over seemingly unrelated areas. I am passionate about things important and things trivial – often within the same thought or minute. Don’t be surprised to see me trying to wrestle with something in one post and then add a recipe for muffins in the next.

Life is full of possibility at the moment – time for me to venture out from the nest and  explore!






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